Bharat Sarath, Affiliate

Dr Sarath graduated with honors in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, England. He subsequently received a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and a PhD in Accounting from Stanford University. Dr. Sarath's PhD thesis in accountancy dealt with theoretical models of Auditor malpractice and the role of insurance in affecting litigation patterns. He has published widely in Economics, Accounting, Mathematics and Physics journals and is currently on the editorial board of two leading accounting journals.

Dr. Sarath has experience both as a management consultant and in litigation support. He has provided consulting advice to several large organizations including the United Nations, The New York Board of Education and Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey. He recently acted as an expert witness for Horizon and has provided statistical support in the past both for private lawsuits and for class actions. Dr Sarath has travelled widely and speaks several foreign languages including Russian and Farsi.