Welcome to Ronen Economics

Ronen Economics is a research and consulting firm providing accounting, economic and financial analysis to law firms, corporations, associations and agencies. Our analytical services for business litigation have spanned the areas of securities litigation, patent infringement, antitrust, and insurance with emphasis on damage analysis. Our services also include addressing appropriate accounting treatments for financial statements, inclusive of such specialized areas as adequacy of reserves and securitization accounting for securities litigation and for non-litigation assignments such as formulating responses to proposals by regulatory bodies, including the FASB.

Since 2001, Ronen Economics, Joshua Ronen, Professor at the Stern School of Business, NYU (PhD from Stanford University), and Tavy Ronen, Vice President, Associate Professor of finance at Rutgers University (PhD from NYU) have provided economic and financial analysis to attorneys in all phases of commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings. Before the establishment of Ronen Economics, its current president, Joshua Ronen, provided these services continuously since 1984. Through the years, we have brought to the complex litigation world our state of the art analysis that has earned us the reputation for excellence and effectiveness. For selected cases we have provided expert testimony. We also work with various "affiliates" who have rich and broad areas of expertise and experience.

The cases we consulted on in the past involve a wide range of challenges and included some of the most important cases of the last quarter century including Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, and many others. Whenever appropriate, we work with faculty and other experts to address complex specialized problem areas. As academics combining knowledge of accounting, finance, and economics, we keep abreast of new research and innovations in these areas. Moreover, we have access to colleagues among faculties in the nation's leading business schools, economic departments, and law schools. Experience we have gained in diverse litigation and other assignments allows us to combine theoretical and practical knowledge to analyze each case in-depth so as to develop custom tailored approaches that address the subject's unique characteristics.

We take pride in providing economic and accounting consulting services that fit seamlessly with the demands of legal counsel, whether for litigation or non-litigation matters recognizing that many consulting assignments benefit from integrated and interactive legal and financial/economic analyses. We maintain a mutual advisory relationship with Sagat|Burton LLP in order to have readily accessible legal advice where it may enhance our creativity in rendering analytical services, including research and assessment of expert witnesses.

We have been extremely successful in helping our clients achieve favorable outcomes in litigation and other activities. Our firm has always focused on excellence, and we have enjoyed continuous word-of-mouth referrals, both from attorneys and their colleagues in the legal and consulting world. We maintain a commitment to provide quality, state of the art academic knowledge, and professional experience along with personalized attention.